Hi, I’m Hugh.

Whatever has brought you here... welcome 😊

About me

I’m a technology marketer and writer, and I live and work in San Francisco.

I started my career on the editorial team at NewCo, a media startup. I wrote stories about the collision between technology and politics (like this one) and the rise of “mission-driven” businesses.

I then joined 3DR, a drone technology startup, to lead marketing efforts. My focus was on product and content marketing, leading product launches and telling customer stories. Our product was eventually acquired by Esri.

Today, I‘m a product marketing manager at Samsara, focusing on bringing new tools to sectors traditionally underserved by technology — like logistics and construction — focusing on global product launches, creating messaging and collateral, and driving adoption for new products.

I talked about my experience so far — and what I’ve learned about product marketing at 3DR and Samsara — in this video:

Other stuff

I work with the fine folks at U.S. Digital Response helping bring pro bono technology support to governments and the social sector.

I occasionally write a newsletter that covers the story of how capitalism is changing (for better or worse).

If there’s anything you want to chat about, feel free to reach out. My email is hugh.mcfall@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by!
Some writing & speaking
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