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About me

I’m passionate about the intersection of sustainability, technology, and design. I’m especially interested in how great storytelling can elevate the solutions we need to address climate change, whether that’s a new technology, policy, or approach to designing products, buildings, and cities.

I work in product marketing at ChargePoint, the leader in EV charging for all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to public buses. In my role, I lead global launches for new products and services and tell our story across different channels.

I share some learnings of working in product marketing at early & growth-stage startups in this talk:

If there’s anything you want to chat about, feel free to reach out. My email is hugh.mcfall@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by!
Some writing & speaking
My talk at the 2019 product marketing summit [video]5 product marketing tips to help your startup cross the chasm
Moonshot: a monthly publication on sustainable design, technology, and business.
The Futurists Building a Retro City
What if You Ran Your City’s Budget?
Examples of webinars I’ve hosted for ChargePoint and Samsara

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